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KTM 990 ProTips

It’s been 5000 miles on my new bike after the 690 got totaled by a driver failing to yield. The particular bike I own is the 2011 KTM 990 SMR, but most of this will apply to all fuel-injected LC8 based bikes.

I’ve had many chances to shit my pants on this new bike and the following is an ‘essentials’ list for new owners, akin to the 690 SMC post I published a while back.


Absolutely no reason not to be protecting these pretty bikes in the case of a crash. I’ve already have two of those and I can confirm that these crash very well, much like the other KTM supermoto I owned.

Some key equipment that saved my bike twice:

A tank protector crash cage 62012068000 - 62012068000

Front axle sliders fp0033bk - fp0033bk

KTM Original Factory Handguards White 603021790028 - 603021790028

Passenger peg sliders 61303946044 - 61303946044


The previous owner had put Michelin Road Pilot 3 tires on this bike, and while the tire life was pretty good, it made this powerful bike absolutely terrifying at the limit.

With the power of factory Brembos and the mental throttle twitchiness, you owe it to yourself to be riding on actual sport tire.

Dunlop Sportmax Q3 turned my world upside down and I can corner again.


Speaking of throttle twitchiness. Almost every fuel injected LC8 KTM owner will tell you the same thing. You have to address this issue. There is no downside, it’s simply a detail that must be addressed by the owner.

Quite frankly, I am really surprised KTM have been putting these bikes out in this form from the factory, but the small throttle openings make this bike buck like a Bronco.

Some people prefer to put in G2Ergo throttle-tubes in, others put in KTM’s own progressive 5209 throttle-tube, but none of that is necessary. You can make your own modification to the existing throttle tube in a matter of minutes.

This, coupled with MotoHooligan’s LC8 Lean Secondry Butterfly Valves make the bike confidence inspiring in corners and very smooth.

Due to the added air/fueling control finesse, the bike cruises better on highway at lower RPM, sends less vibrations through to the handlebars and offers fantastic power control in corners. A true MUST!

Happy trolling!

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Acer S7-391 and Ubuntu 12

I think this is a pretty swell laptop and I tend to use Ubuntu to get real work done, so this presents a challenge. Why?

Because the S7 comes with UEFI by default and two SSDs in RAID0. Yes, two Intel SSDs that are striped. This is one of the main reasons I like the laptop, the IO is hella quick. How quick? I will update this post with a quick benchmark graph so you don’t have to take my word for it.

The way things stand right now you have one of two ways out:


Is this is the case, follow one of many sets of instructions on to get it working, some of the most important steps are:

  1. Grab 12.10 Desktop Edition (64 bit), comes w/ UEFI codez
  2. Select Legacy BIOS instead of UEFI
  3. Hit Ctrl-I while booting and disable RAID
  4. Select UEFI instead of Legacy BIOS
  5. Profit

I used mine in this configuration for a while and it worked well.

I <3 RAID-0 Moar

Now that I experimented with 13.04, which in turn completely fucked my brightness keyboard controls, I need to re-install Ubuntu again and this time I decided I’d let it configure the two SSDs for striping:

  1. Grab 12.04 Alternative Edition (64 bit), comes w/ RAID codez
  2. Select Legacy BIOS instead of UEFI
  3. Install Ubuntu, selecting YES when asked about activating RAID drivers
  4. Profit


xrom drivers link seems to be dead, any chance of a re-up? also how is your x-rom battery holding up?

Just re-uploaded. Enjoy.

Battery seems to have held up perfectly after years of GBA neglect.

This motherfucker is getting brought to SF Motoshop real soon. Running shitty, I think it is asking me for new oil and a valvejob or something.

This motherfucker is getting brought to SF Motoshop real soon. Running shitty, I think it is asking me for new oil and a valvejob or something.

Protip: Fruit Rollups

They’re great for productivity and optimism in general, but here is the key to leveraging the awesome morale-boosting properties of Fruit Rollups


Seriously. I’m so brilliant I came up with this all on my own. Keeps the unwrapping experience maximally stress-free, like it should be.

Trip Hop, Part 2 (extended)

All the entries that did not mak it to the comsumable-size cut (Trip Hop, Still Gliding Along Under the Radar) end up here, this list will keep growing:

9 Lazy 9 - Keep Going Daddy:

Alias & Ehren - Cobblestoned Waltz:

Boom Bip - Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix):

Boom Bip - Do’s and Dont’s: This is an extended version of the preface and the consice list of selections over here.

cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two:

Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country:

Bonobo - Flutter:

Cinematic Orchestra - Evolution:

DJ Vadim - Pauses for Repetition:

DJ Shadow - Organ Donor (Live):

DJ Krush - Beyond Raging Waves:

DJ Food - Minitoka:

De Phazz - Radio Sol:

Coldcut - Timber:

Trip Hop, Still Gliding Along Under the Radar

First thing’s first, Wiki has an article on it.

This quick write-up is meant to be a consumable version with flavor samples.

This is a genre I discovered in highschool (‘03-‘07) that has since taken permanent place in my beat rotations. My first exposure to it probably came from tangential exploration around my lifelong favorite: The Prodigy.

Shoutout to Ninjatune, a label that pushed trip-hop to its commercial and cultural apex. Wiki describes Ninjatune as embracing mostly hip hop and breakbeat, giving an awkward nod to trip hop but almost as if specifically refusing to mention it.

I expect people to step up and refute various selections in this blog post as belonging to other genres and that is fine. It is awesome that you care enough. Two things: this is an opinion post; trip hop is an experimental genre.

So What is Trip Hop Music?

Arm waving out of the way: trip hop is modern mood music. Trip hop is what happens when modern day electronic artists seek a more emotionally charged melody. Trip hop themes can be melancholic and smooth, or energizing and optimistic.

What I find extra awesome about trip hop (shoutout to Bonobo, Aim, etc) is that the inspiration taken from sampling actual instruments manifested in live instruments at live gigs.

Trip hop is the soundtrack to all of your dreams and fantasies. Trip hop creates a backdrop to a very specific set of emotions, understand that. You might not be able to enjoy these all the time.

Now That All That Garbage is Out of the Way

In no particular order:

9 Lazy 9 - Carborante:

Aim - Birchwood (Live):

Boom Bip - Roads Must Roll:

cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canda Remix):

Blockhead - The Art of Walking:

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy:

Bonobo - Noctuary (Live):

Mr. Scruff - Pickled Spider:

RJD2 - Ghostwriter:

And Finally, the Crowning Jewel to All of Trip Hop Culture

This piece in particular is mind expanding, mostly because of the incredible animation created for it. Watch it, listen to it, think about it:

Blockhead - The Music Scene:

I hope you listen and I hope you feel something. I do, every time I listen.

Want more?

When writing this, I kept in mind people who will not have the time to taste everything I throw at them, so pieces that did not make the cut were put into the extended selections post.

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If we actually started calling bullying what it is and address it as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fat phobia and classism it would actually give children a better way to deal with the very same power dynamics they will face as adults, while also giving adults more responsibility to challenge the intolerance that is rooted within our society overall.


- Amanda Levitt at Fat Body Politics (October 5th, 2012)

(via fatbodypolitics)

What we have to remember though, is that there’s bullying that’s not based on any of these. And that is not allowable either.

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Good point.

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Beginners Guide to Owning a KTM 690

I love my KTM 690 to death, but there are a few key moments to be aware of when it comes to successful long term ownership of this b-ass muffer. Mine is the most raw of the 3, the SMC. More on that later.

  1. Fuel Ignition Do not screw around with exhausts on these things, do yourself a huge favor. This is the first generation LC4 that is EFI from KTM and it is not perfect. If you do end up putting a different can on it, do yourself a favor and get the factory rich map. A dealer will be able to flash this onto the bike for about 1 hour’s worth of labor charges. Don’t freak out when they tell you it is actually two maps: one for the injection\ignition and another for the throttle actuator. That’s right, these are partially ride-by-wire.

  2. Fuel pumps prone to failure. Signs? Can be confused with the above, but most notably: bike will skip a beat idling and subsequently quit when hot. Get the CA Cycleworks Upgraded Pump, or if you’re near SF like me, grab it from and save on shipping.

  3. The Seat It sucks. It is completely blown. Do you do 100+ mile days? If you have money you can try getting the Renazco Racing one, it is quite a bit better than the Corbin one. If you don’t have that much money, do what I did: grab the Guts Racing re-upholstery kit. The foam is awesome and this is as comfortable as it will get for these bikes. You will need glue (theirs works excellent, see related products on the bottom) and a staple-gun. My $20 one from Home Depot had trouble piercing parts of the seat, get a good one. Only use 4-6mm deep staples, no more.

  4. If you are a diehard hooligan, the SMC is what you need. It is the lightest, has the most suspension travel and clearance, has both preload and rebound adjustable on the suspension and can even adjust fuel ignition maps! That’s right, there are settings for rain, reduced performance, peak performance with instant response and peak performance with smooth response. I recommend starting with ‘reduced performance’ map when you first get it and moving to ‘homolgated performance, smooth response’ map when you feel 100% comfortable. The bike is a beast.

  5. If that sounds like too much, the next best thing is the 690 SM or SMR. These feature passenger pegs standard, weigh a teeny bit more, have dual exhaust outlets, but the suspension isnt as adjustable and neither is fuel. Suspension travel and clearance are slightly reduced. Rides nicely on the street.

  6. Finally, if you’re looking for strictly street use, the 690 Duke is what you want. The brakes and suspension aren’t as fancy, but it is still a blast to ride.

  7. On the pre-2009 models, the instrument cluster is known to vibrate apart and start breaking off plastic parts creating a white haze. This will eventually start breaking the LCD metal pins. Either correct this ASAP by re-soldering and using a silicone bread on the perimeter of the inner diffuser, or order the replacement improved design from the factory through CheapCycleParts. Those guys did a great job for me, shoutout. They called and asked what the mileage was so the factory could program the unit and everything. The price is low as well at only ~$280.

  8. These things can look amazing. It is a two part recipe for a gorgeous supermoto: half-coated wheels, white+orange livery. Stunning.

  9. Some people say that the rocker arms go bad on these. When you check valve clearances, pay attention and see how yours are doing. It’s a $90 part, so not that big of a deal, super easy to service. The roller bearing starts going bad and the shimmy causes marks on the roller etc.

  10. When servicing pretty much anything on the chassis, Loctite that shit. Or use any other threadlocker, but keep in mind that even though these are counter-balanced they are still thumpers. Things that can rattle apart, will do just that.

  11. Turn indicators suck. I installed the Italian Rizomas on mine. Pricey at $30-40 a pop, but completely worth the investment.

  12. The exhaust is HOT. I used a double layer of exhaust wrap on mine after it burned (yes, straight through melted) a pair of mesh riding pants.

  13. These are great fun at the track, as long as it’s relatively technical. I went down pretty good on mine, nothing broke. I re-aligned plastics and was in the next session without skipping a beat.

Here is what mine looks like: KTM 690


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